Important Tour Information

Thank you for choosing Starlight Tours LLC.

Please read the following information carefully regarding your tours.

Reservations and payment, RESERVE YOUR TRIPS EARLY
1. To reserve your seat: Mail in a $25 deposit (for day trips) or $75 deposit (for overnights) within 10 working days of your reservation. (No postdated checks accepted).

2. Starlight Tours is accepting credit cards, all fees associated with the charge are the customers
responsibility, these fees are not refundable.

3. All trip prices are subject to change.

4. Upcharges will be added to any trip if payment is not made in full by the required due date.

5. All trips payment in full must be received 30 days before the tour begins. 
Cancellations: Cancellations less than thirty days prior to a tour will not be refunded unless we have 40
paying people on the tour. You will be refunded all but, any transportation, hotel or attraction costs passed
onto us. Sorry, no refund, if cancelled within 7 days prior to departure. No refund on ticketed event
unless ticket is sold. If we cancel due to lack of reservations you will be refunded 100%. Casinos and
Hotels, reserve the right to alter programs without advance notice.

Luggage: One piece per person, one carries on per person for overhead storage. Please have all luggage
tags on luggage. Starlight Tours, LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged luggage. Please check to
make sure luggage is on the coach before we leave the hotel.

General information: Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the coach. Rest stops every 2 to 2 ½
hours. All coaches are equipped with DVD, CD player and microphone.

ID: please bring your ID with you. If you are a winner, you will need it and your social security card to claim
your winnings, or if you misplace your players card to receive a new one.

Seating: Seats are not normally reserved, in order to assure the availability of side-by-side seats for
couples or pairs, single travelers may be assigned a seat with another single traveler. Also due to health
considerations we will reserve special seats. Seat requests are not guaranteed.

Room Requests: Special requests for room types and locations are not guaranteed by the hotels. these
requests are subject to availability.

Parking: We have authorization to park in the lots we use but it is at your own risk.

Tours: Tours include deluxe motorcoach, hotel and room tax. Any meals and cash promotions are
provided by the casinos. Starlight Tours, LLC. assumes no responsibility for any changes in meal, or cash
promotions.  Starlight Tours, LLC. acts only as a agent for tour members in arranging room
accommodations, sightseeing, admission, and restaurants. Starlight Tours, LLC. Reserves the right to
make changes in itinerary, hotel and services. Starlight Tours, LLC. is not responsible to any person for
expenses, loss of time, money, or other happenings resulting of the tour, and is not responsible for any
losses or damages that occur or personal injury claims by any tour member. Starlight Tours, LLC. is not
responsible for bus breakdowns or weather-related situations which are both acts of God. Tour
requirement for a tour to go is 40 passengers. Starlight Tours, LLC. goal is to help you at Making a
Memory with us and make our trips with you as our passenger as enjoyable as possible so you will
travel with us again and again.

Please Contact:

Charlotte Hunter @ 262-853-0484
email: [email protected]
Please send Payment to:
Starlight Tours, LLC.
281 Sheffield Dr
Schaumburg Illinois 60194